Success Stories

Discover the organizations we’ve impacted.

David Wilson

Director for Virtual Engineering

Our project with ZF aimed to increase collaboration and empowerment among employees, with a focus on quantifying the problem in a way that business leadership would understand. Through the implementation of collaborative tasks, the team achieved an average productivity gain of 78-80%. The experience was transformative, with engaging tools, techniques, and coaching anecdotes that have changed how they work.

Saikiran Divakaruni

Engineering Manager

Learn about a transformative journey that brought effectiveness to the leadership class. The Leadership Lab experience proved to be a valuable experience as it refined the company’s purpose and provided them with a clear direction. This case study explains the positive impact that The Legacy Leadership development methodology can have on individuals and their professional growth. It also emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of opportunities to enhance one’s leadership skills and mindset.

Mike Dawson

Chief Engineer

ZF had been struggling to identify the root cause of their problem and was in dire need of a feasible solution. We began the process by thoroughly baselining the issue at hand. After identifying the problem, the team experimented with various solutions to develop a successful outcome with measurable results. The success of this project not only highlighted The Legacy Consulting Lab’s ability to identify and solve complex problems and demonstrated expertise in fostering collaboration among different stakeholders. This case study exemplifies the necessary capability to connect the dots, from identifying the issue to garnering support for changes needed.